Searching for the best SEO keyword analysis tool to help with your search marketing efforts?

A keyword analysis is a process of researching the search phrases people use to find your brand or product. You should also analyze the search phrases your competitors are using to drive traffic to their websites.

How does an SEO Keyword Analysis Tool work?

The aim of SEO keyword analysis tools is to help you uncover insights and data on keywords that will help you create content (or ads) that rank well and convert well. Examples include:

  • Keyword volume

  • Keyword difficulty

  • Search metrics like clicks, cost per click, e.t.c.

Keyword research plays a critical role in successful digital marketing campaigns, so SEO keyword analysis tools are essential to any marketer’s toolkit.

What Is the Purpose of Keyword Analysis?

In order to run successful search marketing campaigns, keyword analysis plays a crucial role.

But why is keyword analysis so important?

Among the reasons are the following:

Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Conducting keyword research helps you drive targeted traffic to your website, which is one of the most important reasons for conducting keyword research. Understanding what your customers want and why they want it is essential. They help you focus on keywords that drive relevant and targeted traffic. Utilizing keyword research tools will help you perform an SEO analysis that will help you accomplish that.

Trends in Search

Another reason keyword analysis is important is that it helps you spot search trends early. Being ahead of the curve and anticipating market behavior will enable you to adjust your marketing efforts accordingly, thereby giving you an edge over your competitors.

Improve Conversion Rates

Analyzing keywords is a great way to identify search intent. Creating content that converts well requires an understanding of search intent. Discovering keywords with commercial intent can increase your conversion rates and boost your sales.

How to Choose the Best SEO Keyword Analysis Tool – 8 Amazing Tools

Having learned why keyword analysis is so important, it’s time to shop. Now let’s look at the eight best SEO keyword analysis tools you should have on your radar, in no particular order.


Semrush is one of the most popular SEO tools in the world. This is because it’s an all-purpose SEO tool you can use to conduct any SEO research you want. A keyword analysis is one area where it excels.

Using Semrush’s Keyword Overview tool, you can get a clear picture of all the information you need about a particular keyword. This includes:

  • Search volume: The number of people searching for a keyword.

  • Keyword trend: Whether the keyword is gaining or losing popularity.

  • Related keywords: These are keywords that are related to yours. By using them, you give search engines more information about your content.

  • Intent. It shows why most people use your keyword in search. Using this information, you can create content that meets users’ search intent.


Semrush also shows you which keywords your competitors are ranking for. It also shows you keyword gaps you can exploit.

In addition, if you are working on content and want to optimize it for SEO on the fly, you’ll be glad to know that AIOSEO and Semrush work together right from your WordPress dashboard. With AIOSEO and Semrush integrated, you can easily add more key phrases to your content. Simply click a button.

What is the price of a robust SEO keyword analysis tool like Semrush?

If you pay annually, you can expect to pay $99.95/month for the base plan


Ahrefs is another SEO keyword tool you should consider adding to your toolbox.

In many ways, Ahrefs is similar to Semrush when it comes to its keyword analysis tools. You can use the Keyword Explorer feature to discover keywords to use in your content.


In addition to discovering new keywords, Keyword Explorer also provides you with insight into:

  • Keywords your competitors rank for

  • Keyword movement

  • Keywords that top-ranking pages rank for

  • Clicks on search results containing your keyword

You can use Ahrefs for many SEO-related tasks, including backlink analysis, site audits, rank tracking, and much more.

A subscription to Ahrefs starts at $99/month.


Serpstat is a feature-rich SEO keyword analysis tool that costs less than the first two on our list.

SEO tool Serpstat is trusted by many big brands for its versatility and ease of use. You won’t find a better tool for SEO keyword analysis. One advantage is that you can see how you rank for your keywords, how your competitors rank, and what content occupies SERP features. Serpstat also displays a graphical representation of historical user interest for that keyword. This gives you a better overview of your keyword. Additionally, it shows you the ads that are ranking high if you’re running PPC campaigns.


Serpstat also has an easy-to-understand dashboard. It is so intuitive that even beginners can easily use it.

Serpstat’s paid plans start at $69/month.

KWFinder by Mangools

KWFinder by Mangools is another SEO keyword tool that should be on your radar.

With KWFinder, you can conduct keyword research by domain, geographic location, language, and much more, just as with Semrush and Ahrefs. Then you can focus on the data you need to power your campaigns. The tool also shows you a clear overview of the search engine results for the keywords you choose.

Similar to Serpstat, KWFinder has an intuitive dashboard that makes it easy for you to access the various reports you require.


Mangools’ base plan is $29.90. It’s an excellent deal for a tool that offers some of the best features you need to execute effective SEO campaigns.

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro was created to help marketers find long-tail keywords that will help them rank.

Like the other SEO keyword analysis tools on our list, Long Tail Pro offers tons of information about your keywords and those your competitors are ranking for. Data such as keyword suggestions with metrics, keyword rankings, and much more.

long tail

Designed to help websites rank, Long Tail Pro is a great tool to help you find easy-to-rank keywords. You’ll appreciate the fact that Long Tail Pro color-codes keywords according to how difficult they are to find. Color-coding helps you see at a glance whether your chosen keyword is easy to rank for.

Price-wise, Long Tail Pro’s bottom-tier plan costs $27/month.

Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz has almost become synonymous with search engine optimization.

The Moz team has been around for a long time and has established itself as a thought leader. These two factors have allowed them to build an SEO keyword analysis tool that ranks among the best. With Moz’s Keyword Explorer, you can:

  • Competitive keyword analysis

  • Sort keywords based on predictive metrics (such as search volume, difficulty, and cost-per-click).

  • Analyze the SERPs based on your keyword

  • Filter out irrelevant keywords using various criteria


It’s also easy to export your keywords into well-formatted CSV files for further analysis. Moz has been in business for a long time, so they have an advanced engine that shows more accurate search metrics than other tools.

For Moz’s base plan, you will have to pay $99/month.


Want a keyword analysis tool that won’t break the bank when you’re just starting out?
Check out Ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest offers a variety of SEO keyword analysis data, including:

  • Search volume data

  • Keyword suggestions

  • Keyword difficulty

  • Estimated traffic


You can also find out how many backlinks you need to rank for a particular keyword on Ubersuggest. While Ubersuggest is relatively new on the market, it is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the SEO keyword analysis tool space.

What is the price of this budget-friendly SEO keyword analysis tool?

Ubersuggest’s lowest-tier plan costs only $12/month for those with up to three websites.

Keyword Surfer by Surfer SEO

Two things set Keyword Surfer apart from the other SEO keyword analysis tools on our list. It’s a Chrome-based tool. Secondly, it focuses on optimizing on-page content.

Insights into keyword data include:

  • Average search volume

  • Related keywords

  • Questions featured in the top-ranking content

With Surfer’s Chrome extension, you can get instant insights into your keyword and the content ranking highly for it:

keywords finder

When it comes to in-depth keyword analysis, Keyword Surfer is pretty basic compared to the other keyword analysis tools on the list. However, it’s a great tool to have handy if you need to do keyword research on the fly.

Keyword Surfer costs $34 per month.

What is the best SEO keyword analysis tool for you?

It can be difficult to choose the right keyword analysis tool. With so many SEO tools on the market, combined with even more confusing feature sets. Here are a few suggestions:

  • We recommend Semrush as the best SEO keyword analysis tool. This tool has all the features you need to run an SEO campaign.

  • Ubersuggest is the best SEO keyword analysis tool for people on a shoestring budget. When it comes to keyword analysis, you’ll get more than enough data to help you create effective campaigns despite its limitations.

  • Keyword Surfer is a keyword analysis tool that helps you optimize your content right on the page.

Hopefully, this has helped you narrow down your selection, making it easier to pick the best SEO keyword analysis tool for you.

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