The Challenge

We were approached by CityExpress News 24. We saw their channel and learned that there was no engagement on their channel, and the content that you posted on your channel has not reached your target audience. I had to get this channel monetised for our last challenge.


Successful Rate


Marketing Firm



MarketFlue team is great. They monetized our YouTube channel. Thanks to their progressive approach, we’ve seen our channel grow day by day.

Why Us
Sonu Giri

CityExpress News24 CEO

CityExpress News 24

The Process

Neither engagement nor any good content took place on his channel. So how will their channel be monetized? That was the only question running through my mind. How will CityExpress News24’s channel monetize? Then a solution came to my mind and we audit their channel. So we came to know that the reports on his channel were even more miscellaneous due to which the views were not coming on his channel. Therefore, we resolved each issue one by one. We are working on monetize their channel, will be able to monetise soon

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Ashish Raghav

Ashish Raghav

Web Desgin & SEO Experts
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