The Challenge

In that song, we had to give him 25k views, and now his new song has come and we are his digital partner for this song.

In Desi Songster’s case, the engagement was very low, so I had to work very hard to increase the engagement in his channel since his channel was new, and similarly, the engagement was very low because it was not regularly updated.


Successful Rate


Marketing Firm



Manage our YouTube channel, and have a digital associate with us. He has increased 40% views of my channel

ajju rajput
Ajju Rajput


Mausam Rangeen

The Process

By sharing some of their videos and running ads around Google ads on their videos, we gave their channel views. In some communities, we are more likely to go viral than share.

Grow your traffic

In order to increase website traffic, many businesses struggle to come up with new and innovative ideas.


Increase your sales

You can grow your business by increasing sales or by looking for new markets.

Sales Chart

Let’s Make Things Happen.

Ashish Raghav

Ashish Raghav

Web Desgin & SEO Experts
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