Facebook has become a routine part of our lives. We no longer even notice it. We pick up our phones or open our laptops and go straight to Facebook to see what’s happening. As a matter of fact, Facebook has become so ingrained in our lives that it is difficult to imagine living without it. Whether it’s politics or our private lives, Facebook has made information sharing more accessible than ever. How else could you stay in touch with your friends? Would you like to share your stories? Do you know what events to attend? Or…Facebook is used for so much more than just that.

Facebook connects more people than any other company has ever done before. Businesses are also aware of this. Due to social media’s popularity, and especially that of Facebook, brands have rethought their marketing strategies and how they interact with customers. Millions of businesses around the world now use Facebook to connect with customers. Because of this, businesses and marketers need to stay on top of Facebook trends to maximize their marketing efforts.

Check out our Facebook shop guide for beginners for more tips on how to open a Facebook shop. Learn how to optimize your Facebook pixel, and increase your conversion rate, if you are already running ads. Here are some Facebook statistics you need to know in 2021:

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What is the number of people on Facebook?

Facebook has 2,80 billion monthly active users (Facebook, 2021). Additionally, 1.84 billion people visit social networking sites every day. The users visited at least one of Facebook’s core products – which include Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger.

Facebook crossed the one billion monthly active users mark in October 2012, and the two billion monthly active users mark almost five years later in June 2017.

Marketers can no longer ignore Facebook because it has reached such a massive audience. With so many Facebook users visiting the site every day, they are an excellent target audience for your digital marketing efforts.

In the 17 years since its launch, Facebook has not only succeeded in its mantra of bringing the world closer together but has also exploded in popularity.

Facebook – King of the Social Network

Facebook is the undisputed leader in social media. According to recent statistics, Facebook reaches 59.0% of social media users (eMarketer, 2020).

Facebook has dominated social media since its creation, and the company seems invincible. While there are many strong competitors such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and several others, Facebook still stands out from the rest of the crowd.

People spend hours a day scrolling through their Facebook feeds and Facebook has the most active users out of all social media platforms. Facebook isn’t just a social media platform for them, it’s a way of life.

As a result of its ability to meet users’ needs, Facebook has been able to maintain its growth. Facebook has exceeded all expectations and evolved to meet the demands of its growing user base.

Due to its willingness to adapt to trends and changes, Facebook continues to be the market leader.

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Facebook Advertising Revenue

With Facebook’s massive reach and popularity among marketers, it’s no surprise that Facebook generates most of its revenue through advertising.

The company generated $27.2 billion in ad revenue in the fourth quarter of 2020 (Facebook, 2021). Its average revenue per user is $10.14. The company’s ad revenue comprises nearly all (96.8%) of its $28.1 billion revenue for the entire quarter, which is also a 31 percent increase over last year.

Facebook earned significantly more in advertising revenues in 2020 than it did in the previous year. Eighty-four billion dollars was the total for the year, a 21 percent increase over 2019.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Facebook experienced a “significant” fall in ad demand at the end of the first quarter of 2020. It was evident in the higher seasonal fall in advertising revenue from the final quarter of the previous year to the first quarter of the following year.

Facebook’s 2020 first-quarter ad revenues decreased 15.9 percent from the $20.7 billion it generated in 2019’s fourth quarter. In comparison, ad revenues in 2019’s first quarter fell just 10.4 percent.

Facebook is used by businesses

More than 200 million small businesses use Facebook’s tools (Facebook, 2021).

One of its most popular tools is the Facebook page, where businesses can publish and share information about their business, such as contact information and a description of the products or services they offer. As a result, brands can greatly increase their online presence.

Facebook Pages offer many benefits. One of the world’s largest communities can be reached through them. In addition, they can build an audience and connect with people who are interested in what they are offering.

Businesses can respond to questions posted by customers on Facebook Pages, which saves time and streamlines communication. You can use a Facebook Business Page to increase brand awareness and spread positive word-of-mouth about your business.

Here are 19 steps for setting up a killer Facebook Business Page.

What Is the Usage of Facebook in the United States?

Facebook is used by 63 percent of Americans aged 12 and over (Edison Research and Triton Digital, 2020). It’s estimated that there are 178 million Americans.

Consumers in the U.S. continue to use Facebook as one of the most popular social media platforms. In addition, this same survey shows that 80 percent of this same group uses social media. According to this Facebook statistic, way more Americans use Facebook than those who do not.

The most popular social media platform is also Facebook. In fact, 95 percent of Americans know what Facebook is, making it more well-known than its closest competitors like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

In the United States, 74 percent of Facebook users are between the ages of 35 and 54. The number drops to 64 percent for those between 12 and 34 years old, and just over half of those 55 and older use Facebook.

It can be valuable information for marketers looking to target the U.S. population to know their preferred social media platform.

Facebook is preferred by young adults

Contrary to popular belief, Facebook remains the most popular social media platform among young adults. Statistics Canada reports that 65 percent of Facebook users are under the age of 35 (Statista, 2019), which means they are from Millennials and Generation Z. This Facebook statistic also tells us that young adults prefer similar social media platforms to interact with others their age.

In spite of Snapchat’s popularity among young adults, Facebook still has the attention of Millennials and Gen Z. Understanding Facebook demographics helps you to develop your brand’s online presence and determine which channels your business should use to promote. Knowing what platform your target market uses most of the time helps your business decide which platform to use. Therefore, you are one step closer to increasing engagement with your target audience rather than wasting your marketing efforts by promoting on platforms that your target audience is not active on.

Facebook users prefer mobile to desktop

As a result of its mobile accessibility, Facebook has become such a huge social network worldwide. The ability to access Facebook through multiple mobile apps and its mobile website has given it an advantage over competitors without a mobile-first approach.

Mobile devices are used by 98.3 percent of Facebook users (DataReportal, 2021). Therefore, only 1.7 percent of Facebook users log in exclusively from a desktop or laptop. Facebook ranks as one of the most downloaded apps in the world because of its reach on mobile devices. The most popular apps in the Google Play Store are Facebook Messenger, Messenger Lite, and Facebook.

Facebook’s statistic also illustrates how important it is to optimize your content for mobile devices. Marketers can’t ignore mobile accessibility as user comfort becomes the primary goal.

Time spent on Facebook on average

According to Facebook statistics, users spend an average of 19.5 hours on the social media app each month (DataReportal, 2021).

Apart from being the most popular social media platform, it is also the most popular social media app. Whether it’s scrolling down newsfeeds while waiting in line to buy groceries, on the train to work, or just before going to sleep, Facebook plays an important role in consumers’ daily lives.

In comparison with other big social apps, WhatsApp users spend almost the same amount of time, 19.4 hours a month. Instagram comes in second place, with users spending 10.3 hours a month on it. Facebook also owns WhatsApp and Instagram.

As marketers, it’s important to understand how much time people spend on social media apps matters since the more time people spend on these apps, the more likely they are to be exposed to advertisements. Additionally, knowing Facebook statistics like the best time to post on Facebook is helpful.

Users may find this Facebook statistic interesting since Facebook released a tool in 2018 that allows them to track how long they spend on Facebook. Additionally, they can set a time limit and receive an automated reminder when they exceed their allotted time.

Facebook is a favorite among marketers

Facebook, as the largest social media site out there, gets its fair share of attention from marketers as well. In the US, 86 percent of marketers use Facebook for advertising (Emarketer, 2018).

Regardless of the size of your business, Facebook is a great place to start social media marketing. You can share almost any type of content on Facebook, so it is easy to get started. Not only can marketers reach out to their target audience with Facebook, but they can also interact with their customers and enhance their relationship with them through the social media platform. Additionally, Facebook advertising allows marketers to refine their strategies and target their audience in a more cost- and time-efficient manner based on the information they have. Learn more about Facebook ads with this video.

Facebook Product Discovery

Facebook connects people with brands and products. 78 percent of American consumers found retail products to buy on Facebook (Kleiner Perkins, 2018). More than half of the respondents say they have used Facebook to actively search for products, with the majority finding new products via Facebook’s News Feed, Pages, and Groups.

As a discovery platform, Facebook is becoming increasingly important. Besides getting in touch with others and sharing more about their lives, users also use the platform to browse, research, and find inspiration. Marketers can also use this data to improve customer journeys. By understanding what the customer wants, marketers can make it easier for people to discover products on mobile, which will lead to more sales.


That’s it for the top 10 Facebook Statistics for 2021. In this day and age, your audience, as well as your competitors, use Facebook. You need to keep your Facebook strategy current in order to stay on top of trends. With Facebook’s use evolving over time, marketers need to step up their game in light of these Facebook statistics for 2021. When done properly, Facebook can be a game-changer for you and your business.

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