The secret weapon of every marketer is user-generated content for driving traffic, boosting sales, and increasing SEO rankings. Now might be the perfect time to start using user-generated content for SEO.

Our world is driven by content. Social media has made people more active on the web than ever before. There are currently 1.84 billion daily active Facebook users, with billions of posts uploaded every day-and that’s just Facebook. Think about all the other social media networks where people upload fresh content on a regular basis.

You can take advantage of whatever your customers post about your business online to gain the upper hand over your competitors. Using user-generated content is a simple yet effective way to boost your SEO rankings in New Delhi.

How does user-generated content work? What are the benefits to your business? Learn more here.

A Beginner’s Introduction to User-Generated Content

In addition to being referred to as user-created content (UCC), user-generated content (UGC) includes any form of content that users upload to digital platforms like social media and websites. Such content is generated by consumers online to express their feelings about a product or service.

UGC has become more common thanks to social media. Every day, people upload fresh content to social media. As a result, media conglomerates worldwide have begun using UGC in advertising and digital marketing.

In 2005, the British Broadcasting Corporation was one of the first mainstream media outlets to adopt a UGC platform (BBC). Meanwhile, the London bombings and Buncefield oil depot fire occurred in July of the same year, and the BBC received thousands of photos from viewers to broadcast the tragic events.

UGC can take many forms, and companies use it all the time. Today, UGC takes many forms, including:

  • Social media posts

  • Reviews

  • Testimonials

  • Question and answer (Q&A) forums

  • Blog posts

These types of content can be used for SEO and marketing purposes in New Delhi. You should be able to better connect with your target audience and raise brand awareness by doing so. Additionally, you can drive more traffic to your website and improve your SEO rankings if you do it correctly.

4 Benefits of User-Generated Content for SEO

1. Generate Buzz and Adopt New Ideas

New Ideas

Creating content for SEO services can be challenging. To grow your audience and build backlinks, you must regularly publish new content. In addition to being challenging and time-consuming, you might run out of new ideas to spice up your content.

UGC is a great source of fresh content. Social media is the perfect platform for generating buzz, implementing new ideas, and attracting potential customers to your website.

Consider using social media to host a contest where followers and interested users can participate. Encourage them to create content for your brand and share it on social media. For their efforts, the winner should receive a grand prize. Consequently, your contest will raise brand awareness, attract potential customers, and indirectly influence your SEO rankings, all thanks to your fans who have produced quality content for your brand.

Another example is when MarketFlue ran a mystery flavor contest on Instagram in 2021. Here, users will guess the flavors to win 20,000 INR.

2. Establish Relevance and Credibility


Customers’ reviews and testimonials can boost SEO rankings and establish your credibility and relevance. You can build trust with UGC of this type. Ask your customers to leave a review of your product or service. Set up a testimonial page to increase organic traffic to your website.

A good example of this strategy is the customer feedback system offered by shopping platforms like Shopee and Lazada. Customers can post reviews and give ratings on these e-commerce platforms with a small incentive as a reward.

Online reviews are among the most important ranking factors. Your local SEO rankings can be boosted by Google Reviews. Customers who submit reviews to your Google My Business (GMB) profile can see their reviews when they search for your business on Google.

3. Reduce Your Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your website without exploring other pages. The high bounce rate indicates that many visitors might be disappointed with what you have to offer, so you must prevent this issue at all costs to ensure your SEO rankings remain strong.

By using UGC, you can reduce your site’s bounce rate. How does it work?

The answer is simple:

You need to give consumers a reason to trust you. Your website could be missing something valuable and trustworthy if they are not exploring other pages. Give your visitors a reason to trust your website and become interested in it by sharing user-generated content, such as testimonials and reviews. By doing so, you should be able to improve your SEO rankings and reduce your bounce rate.

UGC, such as images, videos, and testimonials, can be shared on your website to leave a long-lasting impression and reduce bounce rates. Visitors to your website are more likely to explore other web pages if they trust your brand after reading positive reviews. Remember to include a call to action (CTA) on your website to encourage visitors to explore the entire site.

4. Influence Your SEO Rankings

SEO Ranking

Search engines like Google optimize websites based on factors such as backlinks and keywords. Because most customer reviews on websites and social media pages are based on products, they may also contain keywords and phrases related to those products, thereby influencing brands’ SEO rankings.

Additionally, all UGC on social media that mentions your brand may indirectly influence your SEO rankings by driving traffic to your website. You should encourage your customers and social media followers to leave a review after they make a purchase from your business.


By incorporating user-generated content with SEO, you can influence your rankings. It may take a while for results to appear, but using user-generated content is worth the wait. Be sure to ask your customers for permission before sharing their content.

MarketFlue can help you improve your SEO rankings.

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